Yu Collective - Case study


To promote the brand with a minimal look and feel.

Communicating language

Emotional. The idea was to promote the brand and its services through a minimal aesthetic feel, promoting a lifestyle.

Project designing

Once the campaign vision is understood, the design of the project is crucial in portraying the emotions and the story, thus the division among departments.

Mood board, Art and properties

Choosing the color palette For Yu their primary colors were Beige, brown, white, etc which portrays minimalism, which the brand stands for!
So to showcase the brand’s identity, using similar colors is the first job. In the design, thus we incorporate these colors and their analogous partners in the space we take, and also in the props that are used in the film. A firm design principle based on colors and properties is decided according to the needs of
the storytelling. We further use this chart to decide on the later parts of the film and the other departments.


As the idea here is to portray minimal laid-back fashion, we usually focus on the facial features of the people we select, how their dead stare looks, how they present themselves in comfort etc. As that’s where the communication for a laid-back, casual mood could be portrayed. In the reels and images for Yu collective, you may notice how everyone is placed in their normal zones, without being too flashy with their poses or accessories. We wanted to portray people as themselves. Unlike most fashion photoshoots, we intended to showcase the models in their raw, purest form.
Confident, Happy, Emotional, and so on…

costume & styling

This department primarily deals with uplifting the character’s look and feel when it comes to storytelling, While choosing accessories and costumes here, we adhere to the mood board and color palette designed under the first phase. Especially, as this is a clothing brand, the costume is already in hand and the lifestyle aspect of it is very important in the design. Which is decided in the accessories to hair styling that could be implemented to communicate the story. If you look at the second collection, Daisies of Yu, we have designed it in a more laid-back and emotional way compared to their first collection. The subtle differences in styling could be understood here.

Lighting and camera movements

Now the most important part of a film is its lighting, composition and camera movements. So the colors, cast, and styling combined with lighting and compositions are what give the film a national or regional look as desired. Deciding the language of Yu collective was a long creative process, understanding the brand’s idea of visual representation. Most of the colors were pale and the contrast of the film was set to low contrast. Shots were planned in shoulder pads to recreate the freedom and rawness of the brand. We’ve also tried reverse lens ring techniques to make it more dreamy. Most of the shots were planned as per the screenplay but the shooting here was more flexible and intuitive. All the colors, movements, small textures and glares were decided by understanding the brand and its importance to rawness.

To place the brand in an international standard is something we always don’t compromise on.

Music and sound design

A film is an audiovisual union. Storytelling is only complete when the soundscapes align with the idea of what the visuals portray. As Minimal and emotive is the language we have used for Yu, to give the minimal feel, we have often used ambient slow moody music soundscape and nature sounds altogether. For the Yu brand film, you may notice how the whole design uplifts the visuals altogether.

For The first collection and the second collection, we used different genres of music, even though both portray minimalism in its ways. The first collection is a bit happier and the second collection is moodier and more emotional.

edit & di

Edit is where a film is born, and we give a lot of importance to bringing out the best cuts that convey the story. Here you may notice to show the emotional feel of it we have used, simple elegant cuts that assist the music. DI is where the colors are brought to life, and for the Yu brand film, we didn’t want to push the colors too much into contrast, so we gave it a neutral¬† approach, thus portraying the look and feel of the project design.

Yu brand film – color of summer

Yu – Dream Darling

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